Find out how sleep is impacting your bottom line

It’s estimated that sleep disorders are the single greatest cause of lost working hours,
and that loss of sleep costs Australian business over $17.9 Billion every year.

How sleep is costing your business



17% of Australians missed work in the past month due to poor sleep


Errors and accidents

Poor sleepers are 70% more likely to be involved in an accident


Increased risk of mental health

Poor sleepers are 31% more likely to develop depression

Across Australia, sleep-deprived employees are creating strategy, making important financial decisions, negotiating contracts, constructing buildings, manufacturing products and operating heavy machinery.

Do you know what poor sleep is costing your business? Get in touch to find out.

How it works

At Sleepfit we have a workplace solution that’s right for you, whatever your business.

Our digital products identify and manage sleep and fatigue related health and safety issues quickly and easily resulting in better outcomes for your business. Our evidence based solutions designed by sleep experts will deliver life-changing outcomes for your employees.

Step 1: TEST

Quick, easy workforce test. Instant results.

Clinical grade, digital sleep screening using biometric data can rapidly assess and address fatigue and sleep health issues.



Confidential personalised employee reports.

Each of your employees will receive a fully confidential sleep health analysis report including their risks of sleep disorders.



Action plan for improved workplace health, safety and productivity. Improve your corporate wellbeing program using your Company Action Plan and Sleepfit’s tailored resources.

In addition to their confidential personal sleep health report, your employees will receive an action plan outlining how to improve their physical and mental health outcomes through sleep.



Sleepfit can also provide an anonymised aggregate of workforce data to Health, Wellness and OH&S managers along with recommendations to improve employee health and business financial outcomes through sleep and fatigue management.

You’ll be in good company

Join our growing list of partners who are reaping the health and financial benefits of the power of sleep.

A few of our partners


“We measure success of our programs by engagement, participation and feedback. Sleepfit has been a winner on all of these fronts.”

Wellbeing Manager – Optus


“My quality of sleep was poor affecting my ability to concentrate which in turn impacted on my work and family life…I have regained my sanity and myself and would highly recommend it to everyone.”

Employee – Lendlease


“This personalised sleep test allows us to help people concerned about their sleep and is an important step forward in setting Australia up for better sleep health.”

Emeritus Professor Dorothy Bruck, Sleep Health Foundation Chairperson