Well rested employees mean your organisation will function better.

Our mobile first platform will engage, screen and triage your staff to the program that’s just right for them, creating a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

One of our most popular programs is Reset 28 day behaviour change – something all of your employees can do as an individual or as a team challenge

Just like sleep, our solutions come in stages

We are about sleep awareness, education, screening and treatment and we have options at each stage of the journey.

Discover why corporates are joining the sleep revolution

Sleep disorders and poor sleep hygiene directly affect employee productivity, decision making and safety. Thankfully there’s something you can do about it.

Your organisation’s sleep journey

How it works

Protect your business by educating your organisation about sleep.

  • Sleep risk questionnaire
  • Personalised results and actions
  • GP report for sleep apnoea
  • SleepFit library
How it works
Behaviour change
  • 28-day SleepFit Reset Program that walks your teams through sleep health to improve sleep habits. Available in challenge and individual modes
How it works

Be an employer of choice by providing a full-service sleep solution for your people.

  • Validated online cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBTi).

It could pay to understand how well your staff sleep

How it works
Real-Time Reporting

Stay updated with the overall status of sleep across your company, get immediate and live engagement rates and understand improvements in sleep over time

How it works
Custom Dashboards

Customized data to help you make strategic decisions on where to best focus your resources

How it works
Direct ROI Measurement

Understand the ROI of our sleep programs and the impact on your organisation through a range of reporting metrics



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